The maiden venture of the group started at Visakhapatnam providing medical diagnostic services ranging from simple laboratory test to the complex whole body CT scanning under one roof thus saving the time and energy of the patients and assuring them accurate and prompt services.

Later, the group extended its activities to Vijayawada, a commercial, educational and medical centre of the Coastal Andhra Pradesh and established a diagnostic centre with the most sophisticated and state-of-the-art equipment . The group turned a new leaf in providing diagnostic services in the medical field. Subsequently, the group opened an eye-care laser centre, the first of its kind unit in the entire Coastal Andhra Pradesh. The eye-care laser centre is equipped with the ultra-modern laser equipment to provide readily available and highly reliable services to the patients of ophthalmic problems.

The Group with its consistent and continuous successful track record has entered into the fields of Information Technology and Biotechnology & Herbals.

The Group has incorporated two subsidiary Private Limited Companies i.e., M/s. Bridge Corporate Services Private Limited and M/s. Evum Life Sciences Private Limited during the year 2008-2009 by investing 51% of the total capital of the private limited companies as per the business plan envisaged in the 15th Annual General Meeting and with an intention to increase the scope of operations in various activities which will help the company to increase the turnover and profitability of the company. As on date the two subsidiary companies are pursuing their efforts to achieve a break through in the related fields of activity.

The Group is looking for global partners to share its vision and participate in the growth of medical services, Bio - tech foods and herbals.

The group is making forays into herbal medicine which is gaining currency across the world and it hopes to exploit the full potential of this form of alternative medicine.

The Group has certainly been moving at a rapid pace in consonance with the mission and vision. The Group has won several laurels and earned a lot of goodwill over the board and around the country for exemplary work put in by the Group.

The Group is surely touching lives and bettering lives.

“Times move on and so has our ambitions. As India is going through a rapid metamorphosis, we deem it important to usher in a new dynamism in different ways we can.” The Dolphin group is taking concrete steps in diversifying horizontally as well as vertically.

Dolphin is extremely pleased to be a part of this wonderful change when life is taking a new shape with the transition of time.

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