Main Objectives of Company
1. To establish, provide and maintain Diagnostic Laboratories and equipments and to conduct all necessary tests and investigation scanning of the human beings and to carry on the profession of imaging for and on behalf of individuals, institutions, Government and Semi-Government Bodies.

2. To provide, to encourage, initiate or promote facilities for the discovery, improvement or development of new methods of Diagnosis for understanding and treatment of diseases in a better way.

3. To provide medical relief to the Public in all the branches of Medical Sciences by all available means. To acquire, establish and maintain one or more Hospital/Hospitals for the reception and treatment of persons suffering from illness or Mental defects or for the reception and treatment of persons during convalescence or of persons requiring Medical attention or rehabilitation for Philanthropic purposes to the poor and the rural folk especially from remote and Backward Areas of Andhra Pradesh and not solely for purposes of profit.

4. To set up laboratories, purchase and acquire any equipment and instruments required for carrying out medical investigation and to educate and train medical students, nurses, midwives and hospital administrators and to grant such certificates on recognitions as the Company may prescribe or deem fit from time to time and to grant stipends scholarships or any other assistance monetary or otherwise to whomsoever to further the course medicine and/or medical research.

5. To carry-in-house medical research by engaging in the research and development in all fields, system of medical sciences and in diagnostics & medical treatments and to develop new technologies so as to afford medical relief in a better way. Further, to collect primary and secondary data and make statistical analysis and apply all the findings for furthering medical research and maintain, generate and upkeep intellectual rights, properties, and privileges in medical sciences, research development and innovations and to patent the same and/or register and trade mark(s) and to make use of the same by sale/export/let on hire either for commercial or other purpose.

6. To provide, encourage, initiate or promote facilities for the discovering, improvement or development of new methods of diagnosis, understanding and prevention and treatment of diseases by adopting commercialised imported technology, by indigenous technology and by significant improvements in existing product/process/application and to initiate development of technology and to apply this technology and to apply this technology in the medical field and also in areas of telemedicine etc., using computer applications to meet the medical standards and also benefit the public by these applications.

7. To set-up laboratories, manufacture/contract manufacturing, produce, process, compound, mix, refine, extract etc., and to deal in all types of organic, inorganic, industrial, laboratory, medicinal and pharmaceutical preparations, drug development and other chemicals, drugs and acids and to provide services for clinical testing of new chemical entities and drugs for clinical trials, Research activities not restricted to but including Clinical Research activities/Contract research Activities covering the total spectrum, businesses such as manufacture, distributors, private labelers, contracts, export, import purchase, sale, market, distribute, develop or otherwise deal in and trading of medical & radiographic consumables (including pharmaceuticals but not limited to radio pharmaceuticals), Bio-Nutraceutical, Nutraceutical, preventive medicines, Medicinal & Process Chemistry, Anti-oxidants herbals & vitamins, bulk, Active pharmaceutical ingredients, Chemo Pharma, Opto Electronics etc., biotechnology, nanotechnology products (including but not limited to vaccines), nuclear medicine items, diagnostic kits etc., Bio informatics, Clinical Data, Management, Bio-IT, Primer Selection, Chem & Pharma Informatics, Toxico informatics, Gene matrix, Gene Analysis, Genetic products, life science activities, stem cells activities, genome genetic, proprietary therapeutics and therapeutics, Biologics, protein moieties, protein structure optimisation, cell &molecular biology, Biostatistics, Medical Writers, Gene therapy, centres of Genetic Research and genetic
Diagnostic, photonics and therapeutics, R & D labs, Diagnostics & laboratory reagents etc., health foods, vitamin supplements, nutritional supplements etc.


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